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How To Recover From A Million-Dollar Startup Mistake: Shapr’s Ludovic Huraux

How do you make a comeback from a catastrophic product launch? What does it take to launch then relaunch a product? This week, I am joined by Ludovic Huraux. He is the CEO and cofounder of Shapr, a professional networking app. In this week’s fireside chat, Ludovic will share why leaving the world of Private Equity to become an entrepreneur was his Zero to Infinity moment. Ludovic will also share early challenges he faced when launching Shapr initially in 2015. Today, Shapr has over a million users and raised $16.5 million in funding.

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How To Turn Rejection Into Opportunity: Jasmine Pak

How can you bounce back from job rejections? How do you approach your video strategy in 2018? This week, I am joined by Jasmine Pak from Buzzfeed. Jasmine will recount her viral experience last summer when she shared a LinkedIn post about being rejected from her dream job.

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How to Land A Job At Google: Google’s Mona Weng

How do you land a job at Google? And how do you deal with the triple negatives in tech: being young, female, and person of color? This week, I am joined by Mona Weng from Google. Mona is currently the Global Lead for Waze’s Broadcaster Partnership Program. In this week’s fireside chat, she will share tips and advice on how you can ace your next interview, especially if you want to work at Google!

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Zero to Infinity features resourceful entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, and their breakthrough stories. Every week, join us to learn how you can innovate your career and propel your business to the next level. Listen to captivating stories from industry thinkers, founders, Forbes 30 Under 30 list makers, executives, and young leaders from leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The show is hosted by former Apple and Samsung marketing leader, Tai Tran. Tai has been featured on top publications, including Forbes, Inc Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and MarketWatch. He is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 and LinkedIn Top Voice. Through his thought leadership, Tai is followed by over 300,000 young professionals and executives.

Tai Tran, Your Host;
Former Apple & Forbes 30 Under 30

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