Welcome to Zero to Infinity! This is the prologue of the show where I will share why I started the podcast, who I am, and what you can expect in terms of formats and episodes. I will also share the three attributes that successful immigrants and entrepreneurs have in common. At the end, I will reveal the first #BeInfinity challenge with you.

Why Did I Start Zero to Infinity

  • To fill a void in professional development and entrepreneurship resources among young people, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds
  • The show was inspired by my very own upbringing as an immigrant and first generation graduate
  • Two reasons: giving back and creating access

Who: My Background & Upbringing

  • Your host is Tai Tran, former marketing leader from Apple and Samsung
  • Previously recognized by LinkedIn and Forbes as the youngest Top Voice and 30 Under 30 in Marketing & Advertising, respectively
  • Featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, and Business Insider
  • Immigrants when given a chance are capable of creating a universe of opportunities for themselves and people around them
  • Immigrants and entrepreneurs share these three qualities that lead to success: agency, drive, resilience


  • Cadence: Weekly episode uploads
  • Types of episodes: Fireside Chats and Special Episodes
  • Fireside Chats: Long form interview style questions and short form lightning questions at the end
  • Special Episodes: Covering career innovation lessons


  • Share your Zero to Infinity moment with us. That inflection point in your life, whether it was in college, your first failed venture, or your first job out of college. When you post on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, remember to use #BeInfinity and tag me, Tai Tran.

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