How To Recover From A Million-Dollar Startup Mistake: Shapr’s Ludovic Huraux

How do you make a comeback from a catastrophic product launch? What does it take to launch then relaunch a product? This week, I am joined by Ludovic Huraux. He is the CEO and cofounder of Shapr, a professional networking app.

In this week’s fireside chat, Ludovic will share why leaving the world of Private Equity to become an entrepreneur was his Zero to Infinity moment. He will also share early challenges he faced when launching Shapr initially in 2015. Today, Shapr has over a million users and raised $16.5 million in funding. As always, Ludovic will tackle the Lightning Round and reveal this week’s challenge. Stay until the very end to see if you were featured in this week’s Community Highlights!

Ludovic Huraux

  • Ludovic is the CEO and co-founder of the networking app, Shapr
  • Before Shapr, Ludovic cofounded and sold Attractive World, a premium dating app in France

Long Form Questions

  • Ludovic’s background
  • Tell us more about Shapr
  • Ludovic’s Zero to Infinity moment: leaving Private Equity for entrepreneurship
  • Ludovic elaborates more on Private Equity
  • Biggest entrepreneurship failure
  • Customer acquisition strategy
  • Best advice for new entrepreneurs
  • #1 advice for networking
  • Ludovic’s most memorable connection

Lightning Round

  • Describe entrepreneurship in one word?
  • How would you define personal success?
  • What is your most favorite book?
  • What is that one app that you cannot live without?
  • Where do you get your news?
  • What is your zone of inspiration?
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever received and want to share with listeners at home?


  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes every day for the next seven days

Community Highlights

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